Hi I’m Michael Rodd and welcome to the Academy of Life Mastery. 
I am a PEAK Performance Life Coach Trainer, Author, Speaker and all round lover of anything to to with personal development and transformational growth.
I am personally and deeply committed to inspired learning, forging transformational growth, creating massive impact and ultimately mastering my life. 
I am equally committed to contributing to and making a difference in the lives of others. I have experienced first hand how strategically integrating all the principles that I share here can profoundly impact the quality of people’s lives. 
My personal development journey began at the age of 15 when I picked up my first book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. At about the same time I began my “physical” journey into personal development in my schools weights room.
These two beginnings would not only lead me on a 25 year deep-dive study into the mind sciences but also to become a top internationally competitive physique athlete, culminating in the creation of the PEAK Performance Blueprint.  


The PEAK Performance Blueprint is a powerful personal development framework for inspiring learning; forging transformational growth; creating massive impact and ultimately mastering your life! 
It has evolved over a 27 year period and from the privilege I have had of conducting well over 65 000 hours of individual coaching sessions with people from all walks of life.
I believe that in order to live a truly extraordinary life, we don’t need to focus on Mastering a 1000 things!  We need to focus on just 4 fundamental areas which neatly and progressively order the 7 categories of life mastery. Each level builds on the one preceding it and like any amazing structure, the height of the pinnacle depends on the breadth of the base.
I conceptualised The PEAK Performance Blueprint to categorise all the training, resources and articles you will need into these 4 progressive modules. These modules correspond exactly with the journey you will need to undertake to ultimately achieve Life Mastery. 


The first level of the Blueprint P=Potential is the entry point into mastering your life. You will discover posts and exercises and articles there to help you create the powerful vision, clarity, inspiration and motivation to move your life forward again. 

The next level, E=Emotion prepares you for the journey of bringing your powerful vision to life. The posts there will give you the tools, metal strategies and mindsets needed to break through whatever has held you back in the past. The greatest challenge you will ever face in life is bridging the gap between knowing and actually growing!  

The third level, A=Action is where the rubber meets the road. Armed with the right mindset, you are ready to set your dreams and goals on fire with specific, tactical and actionable strategies. 

The pinnacle, or the PEAK is the final level of the Framework which is, K=Knowledge. There is a science to achievement and an art to fulfilment. Success without fulfilment is ultimate failure (Tony Robbins). The journey to the PEAK allows for discernment and evaluation of the results you have produced. There you will find posts, articles and exercises on happiness, fulfilment, spirituality and more. 

Wherever you find yourself in your life right now, there is something here for you! I invite you to dive deeper into the philosophy contained within the PEAK Performance Framework. Begin your journey into Inspired Learning, Transformational Growth, Massive Impact and Ultimately Life Mastery by clicking on the relevant links which highlight when you mouse-over them. 






Growing up as a child of an alcoholic parent, I was left feeling depressed, confused, judged by others and very defensive. 

The solution, I began to believe, was to become as near to PERFECT as I could so that nobody would judge me, and that I would be accepted and even admired by my peers. 

At the age of 12, after having seen some pictures of some bodybuilders in a magazine, I believed that I had found the vehicle that would carry me to this place of “perfection”. 

In that same magazine was an advert for a 12 week “get muscles fast guaranteed” program. I begged, borrowed and I think even stole some money from my Dad’s wallet to get that course. 


When the course finally arrived, I threw myself into it with everything I had. I read and reread every word and some days even did the training twice to make sure I hadn’t missed anything out. 

While I trained, I visualized the faces of those who had hurt me and was determined “to show them.”   

But something unexpected was also starting to happen. I noticed that while I was training, I FELT different. The dark cloud of depression that usually hung over me had evaporated. During my training sessions, I felt like I could do anything! 

And then suddenly when the session was over, the dark cloud slowly returned. I would go back to feeling disempowered, helpless and alienated. 

I lived with this back and forth between feeling incredibly powerful and then feeling completely disempowered for years. I was just too young to understand it.

I was spending more and more time training because that is where I felt most powerful. 

Eventually I started questioning how I could feel empowered even when I wasn’t training. What was the difference? 

I became obsessed with finding the answer to that question. I was failing in life and I knew that finding those answers was the key to my mental liberation, my dreams and my destiny. 

I started reading, attending, listening, watching and buying everything on personal development that I could get my hands on. But nothing was changing. I felt stuck and disheartened. 

I was learning but I wasn’t transforming. I realised that knowing is not the same as growing and that something was getting in the way of my growth.

I also realised that I wasn’t alone. I learned that most people are stuck in learning and challenged to transform. And that my passionate life’s work would involve helping others to bridge that gap! 

Not only did I find my own answers, but I was able to help thousands of others to find theirs too. 


If you are ready to move from Inspired Learning to Life Mastery click here. 

If you are ready to make some new decisions in your life click here.

Please stay in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

Thank you for your commitment and I look forward to connecting with you in the future!

Remember to commit to Learning, Growing, Making an Impact and ultimately Mastering your Life! 

With great respect, 

Transformational Growth
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