How To Deal With Problems In Life

I would like to offer you a brand new perspective on the problems and challenges that you may be facing in your life right now.

We have all developed patterns of dealing with our life’s challenges that we have learned early in our lives that may have served us at some point. 

As we grow and mature, the problems and challenges that we face also change. Therefore the strategies that we used to use to solve these problems may no longer serve us.  

Suddenly we are left without coping mechanisms without understanding why or what is not working. 

Most change is simply a change in perspective.  

So in this post, I would like to share 2 ideas with you that you can use to immediately to move you out of feeling immobilised and into feeling liberated  once again!

Watch the video below…

Multiple gold-medalist, Michael Phelps recently revealed that the biggest the reason for his drive to succeed was “failure”.

At his very first Olympics, at the tender age of 15, he never finished with a medal. He finished with a ribbon.

A ribbon was just not fitting for the amount of work he had put in and he felt like a “failure!”

Instead of giving up, Michael made a decision.

He decided he would use this emotion of “failure” to drive him so that he would never have to feel like that again.

So the first idea you can use to get you past any problem you are facing is that EMOTION is the driving force in our lives.

If you can create the right emotion, you can get yourself to do do anything.

Instead of allowing emotions to block your path or to disempower you, use their power to drive you past the problem.

Building on this idea that emotion is the force of life, the second idea I would like to share is simply a perspective on problems.

The most successful people in the world have become that way on the back of having solved major problems.

They see a problem as an opportunity.

So how might you see your own problems as opportunities?

The most important way is to use the leverage that they provide.

You see, most people just sit on their problems and let their lives get worse.

And finally when things can’t get any worse, they suddenly decide to do something.

But it may already be too late! You may already be going over the falls in a boat without oars.

So why wait!

Like Michael Phelps, use the emotion of the pain you feel that has been created by your problems to drive you!

They are an absolute gift if you can use them instead of having them use you! 

As I said earlier, EMOTION is the force of life.

Over, under, around or through. No problem can withstand the force of committed action.

With this attitude towards your problems backed by the right emotion you will be well on your way to a higher quality of life.

You will no longer see your problems as problems, but rather as challenges that will move your life to another level!

Remember that a change in our lives often starts with a simple change in our perspective


I am a PEAK Performance Life Coach Trainer, Author, Speaker and all round lover of anything to to with personal growth and development.
I am personally and deeply committed to the journey of constant and never ending improvement in every area of my life.
I am as committed to contributing to and making a difference in the lives of others.
I have experienced first hand how strategically integrating all the principles that I share here can profoundly impact the quality of people’s lives. 
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