Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

Today I am going to share a single idea with you that will put firmly back into the drivers seat of your own life.

It will allow you to free yourself from the shackles that have bound you to a life that is unfulfilled.

It certainly did for me and it will for you if you have the courage to follow through.

Watch the video below…

You know, humans are a funny bunch.

When we do something amazing, we are at the front of the line soaking up all the praise and claiming every accolade.

But when we mess up it is like, “has anyone seen Michael?’

At a deeper level we blame the challenging conditions of our lives on everything that is external to ourselves.

We blame the Government, we blame the economy, we blame our childhood, we blame some terrible thing that happened to us in the past for the current conditions of our lives.

Now I am not for a moment suggesting that if you have suffered some form of tragedy or trauma that it was your fault. It most definitely was not. What I am saying is that you are response-able.

You have the ability to respond to anything in your life however you choose. You can take back your power to chooses what any event in your life means to you.

When you assume that position, you open up a brand new world of possibility.

Suddenly, your new responsibility will give you far more flexibility in the ways you can choose to go forward. When you have flexibility of choice, you are firmly in control of your destiny.

When you relinquish that responsibility, you close off all your choices and remain at the mercy of your perceptions of what you deserve as a result of your life challenges.

It takes courage to put yourself at the cause in your life. It takes courage to put yourself at the helm of your life because there is nobody else to shift your responsibility onto.

I know that you have that courage. Use it!

Become response-able and watch your life take on a new meaning and ultimately a new sense of fulfilment.


I am a PEAK Performance Life Coach Trainer, Author, Speaker and all round lover of anything to to with personal growth and development.
I am personally and deeply committed to the journey of constant and never ending improvement in every area of my life.
I am as committed to contributing to and making a difference in the lives of others.
I have experienced first hand how strategically integrating all the principles that I share here can profoundly impact the quality of people’s lives. 
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